Friday, October 2, 2009

New Solution for 91 Families in Dey Krohorm

Municipality and 7NG Company, on January 12, 2009, reach one solution for people to leave Dey Krohorm in cost $20,000 per family in order to develop that area. Contrary, if those people still reject to this amount of money, the cost can be dropped to $15,000.

Among 1,465 families in Dey Krohorm, there are 91 families have not yet accepted the suggestion of 7NG. To one family which agrees to take the flat, the company provides a flat size 4 x12 meter with sponsored money of 777,700 riel, 30 kilogram of rice, a case of Noodle, a dozen of fish sauce and soy sauce, and a 60 liter basin. Anyway, those people who accept money instead of flat, the company provide $15,000 and the above sponsored materials.

Prior, some people of Dey Krohorm require 7NG in price of $30,000 to $60,000 for leaving there, but the reply of company is not able to follow that high price.

Being sad and under the burden of feeding four grandchildren, aunt Seom Sarin, people in
Dey Krohorm, said that all people in here are poor; most of them sell a few things for living.

“If we are evicted, what can we eat and work because the area we need to move to is 50 kilometer far from Phnom Penh”.

In the roundtable discussion of “Development Red Land and Solution” organized by Cambodia Club of Journalists at Hotel on January 13, 2009, doctorate Chheom Phalvorun, director of Philosophy Institute strongly said, according to the law of land, people who live in Dey Krohorm about 3.6 hectare have no right to manage that land.

“Law of land is spent 9 months to correct on Dey Krohorm and this law kindly helps those people for solution in there”, Mr.Chheom Phalvorun said. “Sometimes those people utterly demanded over what they should get”.

The meeting in this morning, excellency Man Chheoun, deputy of Municipality reminded about March 2006 the people of Dey Krohorm Community discussed several time with 7NG and reach to agreement to build one floor flat for a family which 4 x 12 meter in the total of 1,465 flats .

To clarify, the result of moving house from Dey Krohorm community in Chamka Mon district to new location Bory Sontepeab II in Dong Kor district presently have 1,374 families, 93% over 1,465 families, agreed and already have stayed which remain 91 families still disagree.

Bird Flu Outbreak Hits Cambodia, Vietnam and China

A Cambodian man transmitted H5N1 and a Vietnamese girl was in a serious condition in cold season which is the season that bird flu could easily spread. Other two countries which next to Cambodia don’t have any information about this case, yet a lot of birds were eliminated because a Chinese woman was during Christmas Eve died of having H5N1.

Cambodian man was immediately rushed to the Calmet Hospital and treated by professional doctors. In Vietnam, a woman has got H5N1. Chickens suspecting of having the virus, were killed. There is no information about this case in Laos.

Ministry of health in Cambodia stated that bird flu occurred to a 19 year old man and he was rushed to the hospital. First, doctors didn’t know whether he has got H5N1. Having been examined by Professional doctor, he was announced having H5N1.

Mr. Ly Sovan, a professional doctor said “the patient currently being treated at Calmet Hospital began to show bird flu symptoms of fever, cough, muscle pain and sore throat on November 2008. Infection was confirmed on Thursday after testing at Ntional Influenza in Phnom Penh. The disease has not threatened his life yet because we treated in time”.

“The Ministry of Health is currently looking for other people who might have fever or cough, or had contacted with dead poultry in the area.” He said.

Mr. Sok Touch, doctor of communicable disease control department at Ministry of Health said the infected man’s condition was improving. “He remains under examination by doctors and was not allowed to leave the hospital.” He adds.

Kao Phal, director of Animal Health and Production Department at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, told Phnom Penh Post “resident are now being trained about how to prevent the spread of avian flu.”

He said authorities are also urging everyone to report any dead or sick chickens to local officials immediately. “We cleaned villages by spraying protective medicine. This disease is preventable the important thing is to prevent the transmission from chicken to human being.” He adds.

In North Vietnam, authorities reported that bird flu transmitted to an 8 year old girl in the cold season. The officer in the area said the girl in LanhHav had a serious problem on 27 December 2008. She was allowed on 2nd January 2009 to do medical treatment, even though she was convalescent. There is no information which relating to bird flu in Laos, whereas health office in China states that H5N1 killed a woman in Beijing. The office also stated that it happened to a 19 teen year old woman whose name is Horng Yanching who died after falling in a serious condition on Wednesday 24th December 2008.

According to news agency in china, it is stated that bird flu transmitted to her after cleaning duck which she cooked. Sin Hour, a local correspondent in China, stated that the flu also spread and transmitted from the girl to a nurse, yet she was cured in time.

“Contacting the poultry is the main factor that transmits bird flu to people” World Health Organization reported.

This is to state that it is the eighth case that happens to Cambodia. The previous seven cases are result in death. In Vietnam, H5N1 has killed five people in early 2008, yet there is no report since March 2008. In China, there are 21 people who died since 2003.